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Ecological Practices

We take an ecological approach to landscaping, and don’t use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

What are ecological practices?

We are guided by an understanding of the interconnected web of nature, and seek not only to do less harm, but to co-create beauty and abundance with the natural world.  We believe that natural systems are the best model for understanding how to design, install, and maintain beautiful, healthy living spaces.  Maintaining truly ecologically vibrant landscapes requires our commitment to avoid synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. 

Creating an oasis for all beings

When we look at the typical American lawn through the lens of ecology, we see a highly managed ecosystem that is simplified, life-less, unsustainable, and unproductive.  Native ecosystems are naturally complex, dynamic, regenerative, and resilient – able to support an interconnected abundance of life indefinitely.

Ecological landscaping can transform your yard into an oasis for humans and wildlife alike.  A diversity of native plants hosts a diversity of native insects (such as native pollinators and butterflies), which in turn attract birds and mammals to our landscapes.  We can be stewards of a healthy ecology in our yards while simultaneously creating a sanctuary for ourselves and our community.  Think of your yard as an extension of your home – a living, living room in which you are a vital steward of health and abundance for all beings.

Local Roots is informed and inspired by various schools of sustainable land management including permaculture, restoration ecology, regenerative agriculture, edible landscaping, and organic gardening.