Our Service Process

Site visit & Consultation

We'll come out to discuss your project together.


We'll put together an estimate, with an optional design.

Contract and Scheduling

We'll schedule a time for your project on our calendar.


We'll install your project and send a final invoice once we're done!

Site Visits:  If you have a specific project in mind and know precisely what you want, (i.e. a 30 foot long wall stone wall along your property line or a boulevard rain garden), we will schedule an initial site visit. During the site visit we will discuss your goals for the project, materials that interest you, and your budget. If you are interested, we will prepare a free estimate for your project.  The cost of the site visit is usually $70 depending on location and length of visit.

Consultations:  If you are uncertain about what kind of landscaping work you desire, are considering a large scale project, or just looking for ideas and suggestions, we will schedule an initial consultation. During the consultation we will take a look at your property, get a sense of how you use your outdoor spaces, and discuss the best ways to address your landscaping goals. We can also review the big picture of your yard and green spaces, offering ideas on how to make your landscape more user-friendly, sustainable, and dynamic. You will have an opportunity to look at our portfolio to see examples of our work, gain inspiration for your project, and start thinking about what types of materials interest you.

If you are interested in proceeding with a project, we will discuss our design & estimate process. It is very helpful if you can share a rough idea of what your landscaping budget will be. With this information we will be able to tailor your estimate and optional design to your budgetary guidelines. Most projects can be done in a number of ways; a simple straightforward project will be less expensive than one that involves a lot of creativity and a variety of materials. There will be an initial consultation fee of $80-100/hr. depending on location, which can be applied to the cost of any design work you have done with us.

If you do choose to get a landscaping design done for your project, our designs are drawn to scale and include:  permanent structures, existing and proposed hardscapes, planting beds, and trees and shrubs. We will provide a plant list for each planting bed; exact location of each perennial is typically not indicated unless you plan on installing plants yourself.

All designs are presented with a free estimate. If there are many components of a project, we will itemize the estimate as much as possible. Design work is billed at $50/hr. The following rates are intended only to give you an idea of what to expect for design fees.

Design Rates for a typical urban lot:

  • Front or back yard only: $200 – $750 (4-15 hours)
  • Entire Yard : $500 – $1,250 (10-25 hours)

Design Rates for a typical suburban yard:

  • Front or back yard only: $300 – $1,000 (6-20 hours)
  • Entire Yard: $500 – $1,600 (10-32 hours)

Once you have looked over your estimate and are ready to proceed with the project, e-mail Local Roots and let us know what part (if not all) of the project you are ready to take on.

At this time we will send you a revised estimate and two copies of our contract. Once we have received a down-payment check for 50% of the project and one of the signed contracts, we can put your project on our calendar.

The remaining 50% of your project costs will be due upon completion of the project. We will provide you with a final invoice that will include any charges for revisions or additional work that was not indicated on the original estimate. Local Roots greatly appreciates final payment within one week of your receiving the invoice.

For most projects we will provide you with a cost estimate for a specific landscaping job.  Maintenance work, as well as projects that are difficult to estimate (i.e. repairing a wall or installing a patio using on-site materials) will be billed at our hourly rate of $70-$100/hr.